Our values

As a key link in our sector, we have an important role to play and, as such, continuously strive to set an example in the European steel industry. Founded on an open, client-focused approach that upholds the very highest standards, Origin Steel offers its clients sustainable subcontracting solutions in the field of medium and heavy-grade sheet metal work, tailored to fit their core needs. We are fast, agile and resolutely committed.

Trust is the key to building a lasting relationship; we are fully committed to the success of our clients’ projects in line with their expectations.


We support our clients proactively, driven by a corporate culture that performs ongoing benchmarking to identify the best methods.

Long-term outlook

Since 1974, we have been forging and growing the relationships that unite us with our clients, our suppliers and our employees – year-on-year, with energy and dedication.



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Production area


Our strategy

Through its companies OXYCENTRE, OXYSHOP and RACIOSTYL, ORIGIN STEEL offers a tailored, sustainable response that stands up to the toughest demands in the medium and heavy-grade sheet metal trades.
A global customer offering

ORIGIN STEEL offers a global solution that will meet all your requirements in the fields of thermal cutting, mechanical welding and machining. We can supply a wide range of steel components from basic ready-to-weld parts up to the delivery of finished assemblies.

A tailored, sustainable response

ORIGIN STEEL positions itself as a true partner whose mission is to offer each client a winning solution in terms of materials, processes and logistics, focused on a “total quality” approach.

Differentiating to further our competitive edge

A solid financial structure, advanced production resources, a committed team, recognised technical skills, Dantotsu radical quality improvement… all strengths that we mobilise to stand out from the crowd and increase our competitive edge.

A special relationship

The strongest relationships are those that are built over time. We work with our clients in a loyal and balanced way for a more resilient future.

Steel processing

Through its companies Oxycentre, Oxyshop and Raciostyl, specialists in medium and heavy-grade sheet metal work, ORIGIN STEEL offers its manufacturer clients a range of tailored steel processing solutions. ORIGIN STEEL can meet cutting contracts up to medium and large production runs of welded assemblies.
Thermal cutting

ORIGIN STEEL provides you with latest-generation, large-scale cutting equipment. Our expertise in the steel market, our secure supplies, and our oxycutting, plasma and laser cutting processes, guarantee you the widest possible choice and top-quality service.

Post-cutting finishing

We supply our manufacturer clients with ready-to-assemble parts. Shot blasting, chamfering, straightening, bending, rolling, machining… all services included in our cutting offer.

Manual and robot welding

ORIGIN STEEL manufactures complex welded assemblies based on the skills and expertise of its operators and its use of high-performance, large-scale robot welding machinery.


ORIGIN STEEL can machine all your cut steel parts, from simple, small-scale components up to 10m long welded assemblies.

Surface treatment

ORIGIN STEEL meets your needs for liquid and powder coating solutions, or other surface treatment services such as hot-dip galvanising or electro-galvanising.

We develop your ideas

Engineering – the first step in any new project. Our methods and industrialisation departments will identify the winning solution for the successful manufacture of your products. We are here to support you in producing creative ideas and driving the development of co-design or re-design solutions. Our goal: to achieve optimal implementation of your project.
Our methods
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