Make quality the mantra for your project

For OXYCENTRE, OXYSHOP and RACIOSTYL, quality is a key day-to-day goal. Together with our clients, we deploy all the necessary means to achieve the very highest quality in all the fields in which we operate. The results of our clients’ scorings are proof of this.


We steer our processes using collaborative methods such as Weak Point Management or Dantotsu. Quality reviews are carried out daily with our teams.

Process control

The teams at Oxycentre, Oxyshop and Raciostyl are trained and qualified in line with the reference standards for our production processes, e.g. for welding and inspection: QS, QMOS, COFREND, 3D Control, etc.
We also offer destructive and non-destructive testing to guarantee optimum weld quality: macroscopic sections, dye penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasound, etc.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is a central feature of all Oxycentre, Oxyshop and Raciostyl processes.
Our ongoing, day-to-day goals are to meet our clients expectations and to optimise the performance of our companies. We do this using lean management tools: Dantotsu, A3 Project, 5M, 5WHY, Operational Audits, 5S, Process Review, etc.

Testing and Inspection

We produce complex parts so every stage of production of your project will be meticulously inspected to ensure the expected quality. We boast nonconformity rates of below 500 ppm!

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