Sharing responsibility

Because our goal is to be an exemplary and virtuous player in the steel industry, ORIGIN STEEL has acquired production means that meet qualitative and responsible criteria.
We take pride in our history, and maintain a steadfast forward-looking approach that strives to innovate in terms of social policy by putting our employees and partners first.

QSE commitment

ORIGIN STEEL is committed to a Quality, Safety and Environment approach, with all Group companies being ISO 9001:2015 certified.
OXYCENTRE also holds dual ISO 1400:2015 certification, soon to be rolled out to the other companies in the group.
Quality management, continuous improvement of company processes using the Dantotsu approach, compliance both with client requirements and with regulatory and legal requirements – all commitments aimed at guaranteeing the performance and long-term success of our companies.

RSE commitment

ORIGIN STEEL is committed to meeting the needs of each of its stakeholders sustainably, making them a central priority.
We focus on safety and well-being in the workplace and on maintaining strong communications with our employees.
We develop our actions around core strategic focus areas, such as reducing our transport-related emissions, energy consumption and chemical risks, or recovering our waste in a short circuit.

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