Thermal Cutting

Through dynamic investments, FLP Steel Processing offers various technologies for cutting sheets and thick plates to meet the markets of its manufacturer customers in diverse sectors such as public works, handling, lifting, agriculture, mines and quarries, tool machinery, etc.
Each year we cut more than 40,000 tonnes of steel

Industrial steel cutting

CO2 and fiber Laser cutting

The most accurate ! FLP Steel Processing has large size fiber or CO2 laser cutting means. These offer you possibilities to cut large-size or/and serial parts, with high geometric precision up to 20mm of thickness.

Flame cutting

The most competitive ! FLP Steel Processing has recent oxycutting equipment. A high cutting speed allows a high productivity, increased by the number of torches and by the plates cut simultaneously.

Plasma cutting

The fastest ! Plasma cutting is the best choice for your medium thickness parts. FLP Steel Processing has the latest generation cutting equipment ensuring smooth and metallurgically perfect cutting surface for welding.

Our strenghts :

  • Stock available for 350 pairs of steel grade and thickness
  • In line flow from our covered steel stock
  • Tables de grandes dimensions garantissant efficacité matière et main d’œuvre

5 oxygen cutting machines until :

  • 8 blowtorches
  • Tables 7000 x 25000
  • Thickness 300mm

2 plasma cutting machines until :

  • 2 torches
  • Tables 6000 x 25000
  • Thickness 40mm

6 CO2 and fibre lasers until :

  • 2 heads
  • Tables 5000 x 12000
  • Thickness 25mm