Post-cutting finishing

Our welder and manufacturer clients will find all the solutions for finishing primary parts: shot blasting, straightening, chamfering, bending, rolling, machining, tapping, etc. Our companies, OXYCENTRE, OXYSHOP and RACIOSTYL will deliver according to your needs on a movable platform, in kit format, in Kanban, just in time on your production lines.

Your cut-out components delivered ready to assemble!


5 straightening presses – 1 roller leveller


Brushing – Removal of sharp edges – Shot blaster drum


Chamfering by machining or oxycutting


10 bending presses capable of bending up to 6200 mm and 600 tonnes.


3 rolling machines capable of rolling up to 2500mm x 20mm thickness


8 vertical machining units capable of machining up to 2400mm x 5400mm thickness


Kitting of components manufactured or purchased by our companies to be made available on your ready-to-assemble or welded part assembly lines.

Your needs?

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Your needs?