Manual and robot welding

OXYCENTRE, OXYSHOP and RACIOSTYL provide an experienced workforce with recognised technical skills and expertise to help their clients successfully develop their projects. Our operators and welding procedures are qualified according to EN ISO 9606 and EN ISO 15614.

Latest-generation, large-scale, flexible means!

Strong points:

  • Welding processes supervised by a Welding Engineer (IWE)
  • Welders qualified according to EN ISO 9606-1
  • Welding operators and adjusters qualified according to ISO 14732
  • Welding procedures qualified according to EN ISO 15614-1
  • Validation of special assemblies by macroscopic inspection
  • Non-destructive testing of welds
  • Offline Programming
  • Large-scale welding robots

Manual welding

50 Semi-automated welding stations

Robot welding

12 Welding robots
Various configurations that enable the welding of a wide range of parts.

Large-scale parts

Max. capacities:
Weight: up to 6 tonnes and 8 metres
Length: 8 metres between weld points
Diameter: 3 metres

Welding process expertise

QS and QMOS management
Welders qualified to EN ISO 9606-1
Robot operators qualified to ISO 14732
Welding procedures qualified to EN ISO 15614-1
Qualified robot programmers
Non-destructive testing: Visual (VT), Magnetoscopy (MT), Penetrant Testing (PT), Ultrasound (UT), Radioscopy (RT)
Macroscopic sections

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