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Our employees share their thoughts and opinions…

Studies and methods

“My name is Sébastien, I’m 50 years old and I’ve been working at Oxycentre for 22 years now.
Although I actually trained as an auto mechanic, I joined the company in 2000 as a welding robot operator. 3 years later, having completed a 4-month course in machining, I became an operator, first on a standard machining centre, then as an adjuster/operator on a CNC machining centre.
My 18-year career has allowed me to become an expert in machining. Eighteen months ago, I continued to develop my career path within the company by joining the Methods and Industrialisation Dept. My mission: to produce and fine-tune production tools, manufacture prototypes and pilot production runs. “
Sébastien, machine fitter tool mechanic, OXYCENTRE RIOM branch

Quality Safety Environment

“With my background in the automotive supply industry, the idea of joining Oxycentre appealed to me because of the advanced technology of its manufacturing processes, from cutting to welding, as well as the quality tools used. The company’s strong focus on in-house career development allowed me to advance from quality technician to QSE coordinator and finally to the position of QSE manager. During these years, we have adapted our quality tools to bring them into line with current Safety and Environment requirements. With the help of our dedicated and highly motivated teams we obtained ISO14001 certification, further bolstering our continuous improvement approach. “
Rémi, QSE Manager, OXYCENTRE, RIOM branch


“I’ve been working at Origin Steel for a year now.
Before that, I worked in the education sector, but having decided to make a career change, Origin Steel gave me the opportunity to learn a new trade that interests me.
Here, I have found my place within a close-knit group with a management team that has a human focus and is close to its employees.
Today, I feel fulfilled – I have finally found my place. “
Sheet metal bending operator, RACIOSTYL


“My name is Ségolène, I’m 41 years old and I’ve been working at OXYCENTRE for 4 years now.
Trained as a vineyard worker, I joined Oxycentre in 2018 as a machining trainee.
This year-long training has allowed me to acquire significant experience in machining.”
Ségolène, operator of a CNC machining centre, OXYCENTRE, RIOM branch.

Trade and sales administration

“There is always a very special moment during a visit to a client.
Seeing our parts in their assembly line always brings out a certain emotion.
A mixture of pride in having been part of the team that turned a plan into a sustainable project.
Affection for the team at Origin Steel, with its diverse range of people, cultures and skills areas.
Acknowledgement of the time spent listening to the client and considering their requirements, identifying the best possible industrial solutions and making their needs a reality.
At moments like this I feel very privileged, seeing the results of all our hard work continuing their journey.”
Romain, Sales Manager, RACIOSTYL


“The history of my career at Origin Steel is one of opportunities.
Very early on, management supported me and gave me the chance to develop.
Ten years ago, I began as an operator, then rapidly trained in several technical trades such as laser cutting, plasma cutting, machining, welding, robot welding, etc.
Today, I’m production manager at the Slovak subsidiary where I manage a team of 70 people.
It’s been a wonderful and highly enriching experience.”
Patrice, Production Manager, RACIOSTYL