Steel processing

Our core business area: Steel!
ORIGIN STEEL works with all types of steel, from mild structural steel to more specialised steel for armour plating, including abrasion resistant steels and high yield steels.
Thermal cutting
ORIGIN STEEL offers a comprehensive range of industrial cutting technologies to meet the needs of the medium and heavy-grade steel sheet markets. We will provide a tailored and optimised solution for your Oxycutting, Plasma or Laser cutting projects
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Post-cutting finishing
We offer several post-cutting finishing options for primary parts from pre-weld shot blasting up to the delivery of component kits ready to be assembled on your production lines.
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Manual & robot welding
ORIGIN STEEL’s extensive skills and expertise in robot and manual welding is recognised by its clients. Through our highly skilled welders and our regularly updated welding robots, we offer outstanding performance, competitiveness and quality.
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Drilling, tapping, milling, boring, etc. ORIGIN STEEL has all the equipment needed to provide a top-quality service. Our wide range of CNC machining centres offers a variety of solutions for drilling primary parts and performing complex machining of large assemblies such as chassis or telescopic booms.
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Surface treatment
ORIGIN STEEL is supported by a network of highly skilled, local partners to meet your surface treatment needs: shot blasting, liquid coating, powder coating , hot-dip galvanising, etc. A winning solution in terms of service, quality and logistics.
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