Our working methods

Our Methods and Industrialisation teams seek to industrialise the production of your cut or welded parts with a focus on maximum efficiency – from deciding how to make best use of the material up to which processes to use. We have all the tools necessary to ensure effective process control: CAD, offline programming, CAPM, etc.

Value analysis

From the feasibility study right up to series production, we work alongside your design offices to help you achieve the best eco-technical solution.
OXYCENTRE, OXYSHOP and RACIOSTYL offer you co-design solutions during the project phase, or re-design solutions during production runs, thereby optimising the production cost of your cut parts or welded assemblies.

Studies and design

We study, design and produce the tools needed to manufacture your parts: tack welding, welding, pick-up of parts during machining and various jigs. We therefore have all the tools to fit our needs, and that allow us to remain proactive and flexible at all times.

Tool production

Our tools are produced in-house to ensure optimum control over the development time of your subcontracted parts.
This gives us the flexibility to develop new productions.

Your needs?

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